Frequently Asked Questions


What is integrative counselling?

Integrative counselling is a form of therapy that integrates different modalities.  Combining different  forms of psychotherapy, and the various tools that each one can offer to you as the client. The main idea behind integrative therapy is that you are unique, and what would work perfectly for you is not necessarily what would work for other people. A integrative therapist therefore works to make a program of therapy that suits your personal needs and issues.

What happens in the first session?

In the first initial session, I will go through an assessment questionnaire and a contract. Everything will be explained so that you have a full understating of how we will work together. This might take ten minutes or fifty depending on the person.

What happens if I can not make my session?

The sooner you can inform me the better. If it is less then 24 hours before the session, full payment is applicable. If its within 48 hours it would be half the usually rate. Otherwise there would be no charge.

What are your fees?

I charge different rates depending on location and time of day. They range between £55-£65 I offer a few concessionary rates. Please contact me to discuss.

How many sessions should I have?

This is completely up to you. I do advise for short term work to have between 6-12 sessions. This allows the therapeutic relationship to build effectively. 
With trauma therapy however, its beneficial to work longer term and open ended. This allows for the necessary therapeutic work to be processed.